Size queen

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What does Size queen mean?

Size queen is a homosexual slang and is used to describe a gay man who is only attracted to extremely large penises.

The Size queen considers his possible partners penis size as a major – or sole – factor when deciding whether the man is a suitable partner or not.

Eligible partners must have an above-the-average penis size, or a minimum size that the Size queen determines fit.

The term may be used about a heterosexual female that is solely interested in large penises, but the original term refers to gay men.

Size queen…

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What's the origin of Size queen?

Although it may be confusing that Size queen refers to gay men, it is because queen is a common slang in the homosexual community, and refers to a gay man.

It stems from the early 80’s – and yes, that’s how the famous band Queen got its name.

The term Size queen seems arose around mid 2010’s.

Spread and Usage

How did Size queen spread?

Size queen can be used when declaring your sexual preference, and many will use it about themselves.

However, others may use it as a insult against a person, often driven by jealousy.

Women who declare themselves Size queens have expressed that they experience slut-shaming because of their sexual preference.

A popular belief amongst men is that most women are Size queens.

This is a common misconception, as most women would experience pain being with a sexual partner with an oversized penis.

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