Skull Fuck

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What does Skull Fuck mean?

Skull fucking is a synonym for the famous face fuck, or the classically called irrumatio.”

It is the practice of roughly banging an orifice in the face of someone, hopefully the mouth, but there are some people, who’d rather poke out your eye with their dick instead.

A skull fuck must be a fucked up experience for the victim, as their comfort or discomfort is overlooked, in the favor of the face rapist.

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What's the origin of Skull Fuck?

The expression itself is very literal and is an abbreviation of the already longer popular term face fuck.

It is unclear, who came up with the name, as facefucking has been a seemingly common practise throughout history, in times of war and rape.

Spread and Usage

How did Skull Fuck spread?

With the constant growth in popularity porn is experiencing, more and more people encounter the phenomenon, as they enter into the shadier sites of the internet.

With the plethora of the disturbing content on the internet, it is quite easy to find footage of someone having their oral cavity raped, not to mention the things that are even more traumatizing for the innocent viewer.

The earliest entry of skull fucking on Urban Dictionary comes from 2003.

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