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What does Slim thick mean?

Slim thick is the definition of a modern day attractive body type in women.

A Slim thick woman has big, juicy thighs that may wiggle when she walks, a big ass, big boobs, but a small, fit waist.

She is not big enough to be fat, but also not skinny, because she has fat on her body and curves. However, the fat must be in particular areas only, such as the hip-area and breasts.

This is the body type often known as the celebrated hourglass figure, but the physically fit version.

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What's the origin of Slim thick?

When the big exercise wave hit the world in the early 2010’s, the usual “skinny” body type went out of style, and the more toned, fit, curvy women came back in.

It is called Slim Thick because the womans shape varies depending on perspective.

Her behind, hips and thighs would be considered thick, but her waist, calves and body would be that of a slim person.

The body type has been popular for decades, because it features a woman in general good shape, but with “fertile” traits, such as birth giving hips.

Spread and Usage

How did Slim thick spread?

Influencers and typical “fit” girls will often pump their legs and ass, while keeping their stomach toned, to achieve this figure.

Those born with small breasts may look to surgery to achieve the body type.

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