Sloppy seconds

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What does Sloppy seconds mean?

Sloppy seconds comes in two versions.

The milder, non-sexual version refers to dating someone right after they just broke up with a friend of yours. Stealing your friends ex, in other words.

The vulgar, sexual definition – which is also more known – is having sex with a person immediately after someone else ejaculated inside of them, making the experience “sloppy” because of the remaining sperm.

It originally involved having sex with women, but by the 1970’s it became gender neutral.

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What's the origin of Sloppy seconds?

“Seconds”, by it self, can be used to refer to a second plate of food, which is where the “sloppy seconds” analogy is likely derived from.

The terminology was first recorded in the 60’s, and originally suggested that the person receiving the penetration was a woman, before it became gender neutral in the 70’s.

The cum from the previous person makes the hole (vagina or anus) sloppy for the second person, hence, it’s a “sloppy seconds”.

Spread and Usage

How did Sloppy seconds spread?

In 1964, the slang was mentioned in a Fantastic Four comic book, edited by Stan Lee. However, the comic did not refer to it as a sexual term, but as receiving the sloppy second blow from a punch.

It is unclear whether Stan Lee was aware of the sexual meaning of the slang.

Later, in 1978 classic movie Grease, “Danny” (John Travolta) tells “Rizzo” (Stockard Channing) that “Sloppy seconds ain’t my style”.

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