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What does Snu snu mean?

Snu snu is the word used for sex in an alien tribe from the Tv series Futurama.

On the internet the expression is used in the phrase “Death by snu snu” around pictures and images of unusually thicc, tall or muscular women, where a man who isn’t ready would get lost in the deep abyss – or just would just get smashed.

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What's the origin of Snu snu?

The term first appeared in the first episode of season 3 of Futurama, in 2001, where the protagonist, Fry and two other male characters are held hostage by a tribe of giant women, called Amazonians, who were living in a matriarchal society without men.

In the episode the men mentioned above were sentenced to death by snu snu, which is basically forcing never ending sex upon someone… at least ‘till death parts the participants.

Spread and Usage

How did Snu snu spread?

The first Urban Dictionary entry was written of snu snu in 2004 with several other definitions added, since then.

The meme had spread on Facebook by 2009 in form of a page called Death by Snu Snu. It also made it to /r/futurama subreddit in 2011, and has been present on the site ever since.

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