So, no head?

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What does So, no head? mean?

The question “So, no head?” is asked when you disappointingly realise that you will not be receiving oral sex.

Note: “Head” in this case means oral sex; particularly, inserting your penis into someone’s mouth, in other words, into their head.

The phrase usually comes up if you had high hopes that you would be receiving “head” from someone, but they tell you something that makes you realise that you will not.

For example, you are flirting with a girl, hoping to get some “head”, when she tells you she is in fact lesbian. Your response could then be: “So, no head?”

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What's the origin of So, no head??

The phrase was first seen on the popular entertainment network “Vine”, in a video where we see a young man talking on the phone.

With no previous context, he disappointedly says “So, no head?” before aggressively slamming his phone into the ground, followed by jumping on – and breaking – his skateboard.

All in one 7 second long video.

Spread and Usage

How did So, no head? spread?

After the video was released it gained huge popularity among youth, and people started copying the video, and remaking it.

Online, the slang became a shitposting meme, and endless versions of it was – and still is –  published on social networks.

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