Soggy Biscuit

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What does Soggy Biscuit mean?

Soggy Biscuit refers to a game or initiation practice.

It is an activity, where all participants start masturbating to a piece of biscuit and whoever ejaculates on it first is deemed the winner.

The loser must consume the cracker, soaked in semen.

The name of the game may vary from region to region and player to player.

It may be called alternatively as ookie cookie, limp biscuit, jizzcuit, or soggy SAO in Australia, where the biscuit brand SAO is a popular choice for playing the game.

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What's the origin of Soggy Biscuit?

The game was conceived during the early 20th century, though the exact place and time of origin is unknown.

It could have been first conceived as an initiation ritual, or just a derivate of the circle jerk game.

The first Urban Dictionary entry on the subject was written in 2003.v

Spread and Usage

How did Soggy Biscuit spread?

The fame of the “soggy biscuit” game spread with its presence on the internet, mostly thanks to the shock, people feel, when they first hear about it.

Several films mention the practice, like The Liar, or Sleeping Dogs Lie.

The name of the band Limp Bizkit is also a reference to the game.

In 2011, a police investigation occurred in Massachusetts, where high school basketball players hazed others into playing “soggy biscuit.”v

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