Spit roast

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What does Spit roast mean?

A spit roast is originally a way of barbequing an animal, with a spit – a wooden or metal stick – poked through it. The spit will then slowly rotate to cook the meat equally on all sides.

As a slang, however, a spit roast is a vulgar sexual reference to a threesome with at least two men.

The two men is penetrating the third part, which may be a man or woman, from different ends. One man is receiving oral sex, while the other is penetrating either vaginally or anally.

This position creates the image that the middle person is spit roasted.

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What's the origin of Spit roast?

The first use of the slang is unclear, but it is derived from the age-old cooking method of roasting a whole animal over the fire, on a stick.

The animal that is being cooked is penetrated in both ends, just as the middle-person in the sexual act is.

Spread and Usage

How did Spit roast spread?

Having a sexual threesome or three way is for many a desirable sexual activity, and the “spit roast” position has a function that pleases each part simultaneously.

The position is not age-related, but does require two men – or persons with a penis. However, the slang is quite vulgar and may be comprehended as degrading for the middle-person, who is compared to an animal being cooked.

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