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What does Squart mean?

Squart is the portmanteau of the words squirt and fart, referring to a kind of squirt, that is accompanied with some kind of sound escaping from the same source… like a shaken up soda bottle, when the content is running out.

Of course, it can be used in those instances, as well, when a girl is squirting so hard, that she squeezes out a fart or a queef, along with her juices.

Some people confuse squarting with sharting, as the two phenomena are quite similar in their core.

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What's the origin of Squart?

It is unclear, who came up with the term, as it is still not very widely encountered today.

An Urban Dictionary user attempted to define the phenomenon already in 2004, however there squart is interpreted as a synonym for “shart” which, as we mentioned earlier, is not the case.

In 2006, other Urban Dictionary users defined the phenomenon correctly, as a combination of squirting and farting.

Spread and Usage

How did Squart spread?

Squarting is still a relatively underground term, as people are still ignorant on the true ingenuity of this portmanteau.

Apart from the dozen Urban Dictionary entries and this article, attempting to define the phrase, there is no online occurrence of it, whatsoever.

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