Stag and Vixen

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What does Stag and Vixen mean?

A Stag and Vixen relationship is a type of sexual kink that involves the “Stag” willingly letting, and even arranging, that the “Vixen” has sex withother men.

It is easily confused with “cuckolding”, but while a cuck gains pleasure from the humiliation from his partner having sex with others,  the “Stag” directly enjoys watching it.

Sometimes the “Stag”, which is normally the man, is the dominant, while the “Vixen”, normally a woman, is submissive.

In this case the “Stag” may invite men over and tell the “Vixen” to perform sexual acts on them.

In other cases, the two parts are equal in power, and the “Stag” likes to watch his “Vixen” getting pleasured, while the “Vixen” likes to perform.

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What's the origin of Stag and Vixen?

“Stag and Vixen” is considered the latest new sex craze (as of 26.06.2020).

Although the concept has been around for a while, it just recently got its own name in the late 2010’s.

It was likely affected by the fact that “cuckolding” has been the second most searched for category on porn site, but some wanted a non-BDSM version to enjoy.

Spread and Usage

How did Stag and Vixen spread?

The concept is popular among married couples who have been together for a while and their sex life has turned somewhat dull.

Multiple dating sites exist particularly to aid “Stags and Vixens” in finding a third wheel.

And, while some keep this lifestyle a secret, some, such as Instagram couple @stagvixenlifestyle, like to share it with the world.

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Ella posted on 10-5-2021:

Cuckholding isnt bdsm ???

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