Sub Drop

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What does Sub Drop mean?

Sub Drop is a temporary depression, caused by chemical dis-balance in the brain after an intense BDSM scene session.

It is most of the time experienced by the submissive, hence the term’s name.  It happens because the submissive’s brain is flooded by nice chemicals throughout the play, like adrenaline and endorphin.

The symptoms of the drop may occur in 48-72 hours after the intense play in which the adrenaline and endorphins spike, and thus will result in a crash of emotions which usually results in temporary depression.

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What's the origin of Sub Drop?

The exact origin of the slang is unknown, since BDSM can be traced back to the ancient world.

However, it can be speculated that the term was created around the late 90s and early 2000s in the time of SMS, where many more slang words were born.

Spread and Usage

How did Sub Drop spread?

On various platforms, such as Reddit, Tumblr or even in Facebook groups, you can find help, advice and more information about topics, including “sub drop” in online BDSM communities.

There also websites, blogs and Youtube channels only dedicated to topics within the BDSM culture.

For instance, BDSM Wiki is an educational site, just like Wikipedia, where anyone can log in and submit entries about any topic within BDSM.

The entry about “sub drop” was posted in 2014 and even includes a paragraph of parameters and also tips for treatments.

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