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What does Sumata mean?

Sumata is a form of non-penetrative sex where a man rubs his penis against a woman or another mans body parts, such as thighs, hands, buttocks or labia.

Intercrural sex, the practice of thrusting your penis between someone’s thighs, is a form of “sumata”.

When practicing “sumata”, the man can still ejaculate and be sexually satisfiied without risking pregnancy or other complications that come with penetration.

It also greatly reduces the risk of STI’s.

If the man rubs his penis against the woman’s labia, the woman may also orgasm due to clitoral stimuli.

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What's the origin of Sumata?

The term and practice originates from Japan, particularly Japanese brothels.

Sumata is normally offered as a sexual service to satisfy customers, without the legal risks of encouraging prostitution, as the man never actually penetrated the other person.

Directly translated from Japanese, the term “sumata” means “naked crotch”.

Spread and Usage

How did Sumata spread?

Besides being a favorable option to avoid unwanted pregnancies, legal problems due to prostitution laws, or STI’s, people have also been found to practice “sumata” due to religious reasons.

In many religions, the follower shall not have penetrative sex before marriage.

This counts in the majority of world wide religions, such as Christianity and Islam.

For followers who seek to be intimate and sexually satisfied without breaking the holy rules of their religion, “sumata” is usually a grey-zone loophole.

Also, the woman’s assumed “hymen” remains intact.

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