Tease and Denial

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What does Tease and Denial mean?

The term “Tease and Denial” refers to a sexual interaction, where a women is stimulating her partner (edging) to almost orgasm, but before the climax, she stops and says goodbye or goodnight, leaving the man with blue balls.

This is mostly done when she doesn’t want to have sex or is punishing her partner for some mistake he made.

This is usually used by dominant women in their relationships, but it’s also a fetish for some people who are into “femdom porn” or like being dominated and denied by women.

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What's the origin of Tease and Denial?

The exact origin of the word is unknown, however it is safe to say, that its first mention dates back to very early times, however the general public was probably only introduced to the term, when the internet and porn sites started to become more and more popular and widespread.

Spread and Usage

How did Tease and Denial spread?

Due to the rise in popularity of BDSM, since the introduction of the books and movie called “50 shades of grey”, the term “Tease and Denial” has made its way to the general audiences, sparking the idea in the minds of millions of women, to try something different with their husbands, after reading the novels/seeing the movie, which promotes such activities.

It is safe to say, the term/act is very popular on the internet nowadays.

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