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What does Thesbian mean?

The slang term Thesbian is a cross word containing “thespian” and “lesbian”. It refers to women who act like they are a homosexual couple despite their heterosexuality.

Women mainly do this to minimize interaction with unsympathetic males at social events, mainly at clubs and parties.

On the other hand, some females act like they have lesbian tendencies to get more attention from other people, mainly from guys.

The term can also describe actresses who are playing a gay role in a movie/series and they are a doing and excellent job.

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What's the origin of Thesbian?

As already mentioned, the term “thesbian” is composed of “thespian” and “lesbian”.

The meaning of the adjective “thespian” is a person who is great at performing dramatically, someone who has a “thespian” talent.

Hence, it can be safely assumed that “thespian” inspired the new slang term that emerged in the mid or late-2000s.

Spread and Usage

How did Thesbian spread?

Majority of the Urban Dicitionary entries were submitted between the years 2006-2009, therefore it not only emerged in the late-2000s, it was also spreading rapidly online.

The term is not only used on social media sites, such as Twitter, Reddit and Facebook, but also in everyday conversation.

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