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What does Thick Girl mean?

The term Thick Girl refers to a woman who is really attractive due to her curvy figure. Many claim that “Thick girls” have the perfect body type with a small waist, big breasts and a big butt.

However, the slang not only describes their voluptuous body, but their personality as well. “Thick Girls” are nice, kind, funny and also down to Earth.

If you are described as a “Thick Girl”, it can be nothing but a compliment.

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What's the origin of Thick Girl?

The exact time of the slang’s birth is unknown, but according to Green’s Dictionary of Slang, the word “thick” emerged as a black slang first.

It was first found in print in 1998, and possibly it originates from the American South used as describing a woman beautiful because of her curvaceous figure.

Spread and Usage

How did Thick Girl spread?

The first time it appeared on Urban Dictionary was in 2002, explaining the term as “not skinny, with meat on your bones”.

“Thick girls” and “thickness” as a term and concept are popular and celebrated in the hip-hop culture.

For instance, the artist Drake claimed in the song Only, featuring the female rapper Nicki Minaj, that he is “obsessed with thick women”.

Another great example is from the rapper Trinidad James shared the lines “all my gorgeous, healthy sisters all around the world, I’m talking the 175 and up club. We cook good, we eat good, and we look good.” on his single Just A Lil’ Thick (She Juicy).

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