Thigh job

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What does Thigh job mean?

A thigh job is a sexual activity where one person gains sexual pleasure from being stimulated by the thigh(s) of another person.

A man can insert his penis in between the thighs of a woman or another man.

He will then gain pleasure from rubbing his penis in between the warm, tight walls of the thighs. If the penis rubs against the clitoris, this can give pleasure to the woman as well.

For women, a Thigh job could also mean humping the thigh of another person, leading to stimulation of the clit.

It is a creative alternative to penetrative sex, and can be a safe option if the participants don’t have a condom or birth control.

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What's the origin of Thigh job?

Thigh jobs – also called intercrural sex – has been known since as far back as Ancient Greece.

Ancient Greek art, for example vase paintings, frequently show a woman and man, or even two men, participating in the sexual activity.

It is called Thigh job because you stimulate someone with your thigh, just as a “hand job” is when you stimulate someone with your hand.

Spread and Usage

How did Thigh job spread?

Thigh jobs can be favorable in situations when one does not have access to safe birth control or protection, but wants to be sexually satisfied anyway.

It is also an option for strongly religious people, as most religions don’t have specific rules against Thigh jobs.,

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