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What does Thrussy mean?

Thrussy is a vulgar slang for your throat, and is a portmanteau of the words “throat” and “pussy”, another slang for vagina.

The slang term insinuates that the throat can be used as a sexual body part, penetrated like you could penetrate a vagina.

Rather than using it when swallowing food or drinks, you shove a penis into your throat.

The usage of the term “thrussy” is often in relation to oral sex, either made up of a woman-man pair, or man-man.

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What's the origin of Thrussy?

“Thrussy” started out on Tumblr in 2017, when an anonymous user contacted earthnation, telling them “I want to fuck your throat”. earthnation gave the best possible response; she took the message with the unsolicited sexual approach and posted it with the reaction “My thrussy?!?!”

The humorous reaction gained massive attention within the next couple days, first on Tumblr, before it spread to other social platforms.

Spread and Usage

How did Thrussy spread?

Just two days after the hilarious post, user Miss Bank$ shared a poll on the online forum Atrl Forums asking “Ever Call Your Throat A ‘Thrussy’?” The context was that her boyfriend does it when she is giving him a blowjob, but others think it’s weird.

The term also gave rise to some vulgar online jokes, for example:

29th of April, 2017, Twitter user @bxol_ tweeted “Someone said bottled water is thrussy lube”.

Not even two weeks after the invention of “thrussy”, Roisin Lanigan, writer for the online page shared an article named “What the word ‘thrussy’ means and why it continues to haunt my nightmares”, proving that not everyone is a fan of the new slang term.

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