Tig ol’ Bitties

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What does Tig ol’ Bitties mean?

Tig ol’ Bitties is the spoonerism of the phrase big ol’ titties, most likely altered to be slightly less recognizable and offensive as well as being somewhat funnier and more juvenile.

Despite the futile attempt at concealing the meaning of the phrase, it can be the catalyst for conflict, as a woman hearing the expression in relation to herself, may feel objectified and confronted.

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What's the origin of Tig ol’ Bitties?

The exact origin of the spoonerism is not confirmed, however The Routledge Dictionary of Modern American English Slang and Unconventional English has found an early case of tig bitties on k12.chat. junior, dating back to 1995.

Spread and Usage

How did Tig ol’ Bitties spread?

The phrase was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2002, with a large amount of other entries being uploaded over the years.

The most prominent mention of the phrase is related to the Your Favorite Martian song, titled Tig Ol’ Bitties, released in 2011.

The song had gained great popularity, with over 47 million views as of September 28th, 2020.

The expression had appeared in all the various contexts, from Reddit threads to Facebook interests and articles, explaining the origin and etymology of “Tig ol’ Bitties”.

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