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What does Topless tuesday mean?

Topless tuesday is an online event that occurs on social media platforms – particularly image sharing platforms – every tuesday and prompts users to share a picture of themselves topless.

The happening is particularly widespread on Tumblr and Twitter due to their lighter nudity restrictions, but creative versions can also be seen on Instagram and similar. Although, the latter have strict rules when it comes to nudity and showing nipples.

The participants are mainly women posing without a t-shirt, but some share images full nude.

While most of the images are sexualized, others have chosen to present it as art.



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What's the origin of Topless tuesday?

The trend appeared on Tumblr in March 2011 when teenagers and young women started it as an excuse to share topless images online.

March 4, 2011, Tumblr user imalwaysinthistwilight shared a faceless gif of herself in a red bra with the hashtag #toplesstuesdays. This appears to be the first instance.

Spread and Usage

How did Topless tuesday spread?

After its first appearance in March, the trend persisted and grew popular during the year, and is still happening to this day (as of 07.07.2020).

October 11th the very same year, Tumblr blog …so, I got my tits out was created, sharing images of various women participating in the event.

The trend soon spread to Twitter, a social media platform particularly favoured by sex workers due to its positive stance to nudity, and the tag #toplesstuesdays is seen time and again on the corresponding day, featuring uncensored topless images.

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