Tossing Salad

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What does Tossing Salad mean?

Tossing salad is another term for anilingus – the act of licking a persons butthole.

As the anus is a sensitive, erotic body part, many people gain sexual pleasure and arousement from oral stimulation of the area.

Some use it as foreplay, while some just enjoy the activity by itself.

It is done by both hetero- and homosexual couples.

The one performing the “salad tossing” may use their tongue, lips and even teeth on the other persons butthole.

Synonyms are anilingus, rim job/rimming or “eat ass”.

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What's the origin of Tossing Salad?

The slang originates from US prison lingo.

Lower standing, submissive inmates can be forced by leading, dominant inmates to perform sexual acts on them, such as “tossing salad”.

It was called “tossing salad” because they would pour some salad dressing around the anus to hide the taste of potential feces and dirt due to lack of hygiene.

Spread and Usage

How did Tossing Salad spread?

Writing “tossing salad” into the search bar will immediately throw pornography links at you, gay, lesbian and straight. Along with a couple pictures of a real salad here and there.

There is a small subreddit r/tossingsalad that has been around since 2013, with just a few members. This is due to other synonyms being used more frequently for the same purpose.

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