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What does Tribbing mean?

Tribbing or otherwise known as tribadism is a kind of non-penetrative sex – or frottage in French – where women rub their vulvas together in order to stimulate the clitoris.

This can be performed in a variety of positions, ranging from missionary, to the commonly known scissoring position.

Tribbing can also be performed by rubbing the vulva to other parts of the body, such as the thigh, stomach, arm or any other region.

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What's the origin of Tribbing?

The term tribadism originates from the Greek word, “tribo” which means to rub.

Up until the late antiquity, though, the term did not exclusively refer to women performing sexual intercourse, because it was at first associated with penetration.

Following the age of the antiquity, tribbing women became regarded as performing an unnatural sin, and their social reputation had fallen lower than of the ancient era.

The term, tribbing, during the 20th century became obsolete, next to newer words, such as homosexual or lesbian.

It is most plausible, that the new form of tribadism, tribbing was born around this time.

Spread and Usage

How did Tribbing spread?

Same sex intercourses are frequently observable in nature.

Tribbing, for example is often seen among hominids, like bonobo monkeys.

The age of the internet has provided aroused men and women with plenty of film footage, capturing women in the midst of frottage.

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