Truffle Butter

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What does Truffle Butter mean?

Truffle Butter originally referred to a culinary delicacy, right until the day, Nicki Minaj got her name associated with it.

Since that ominous 2014 song, named after that food product, the phrase became an expression for the creamy, tan brown substance, that collects around the vagina, when the penis is directly inserted in it, after anal sex.

The substance is a mixture of vaginal excretions and feces.

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What's the origin of Truffle Butter?

Truffles had been part of the culinary arts of humanity since ancient Egypt, and they have accompanied us to our present day, when truffles are a luxury product, often turned into a buttery paste.

Drake, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne had this in mind, when they created the song “Truffle Butter”.

All it took was one line, from Lil Wayne; “Truffle butter on your pussy” to make fans write ridiculous entries on Urban Dictionary, concocting various fantasy meanings behind the phrase, just like Cleveland Steamer or Dutch Oven.

Spread and Usage

How did Truffle Butter spread?

A literal plethora of definitions were written and uploaded on Urban Dictionary, all explaining somehow the method of creating this repulsive, but highly fascinating substance.

Lil Wayne himself was surprised to discover the meaning created, behind his phrase in a later interview.

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