Two Tone Malone

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What does Two Tone Malone mean?

Two Tone Malone refers to a man’s best piece with two tones; one with a darker lower shaft, which turns lighter as it progresses upwards.

The phenomenon is featured in artwork, as well as humorous posts and accounts, however, it isn’t a widely popular phrase.

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What's the origin of Two Tone Malone?

The expression first appeared in an Urban Dictionary definition in 2017, defining a “Two Tone Malone” as a man’s best piece with two colors.

The phrase was derived from the “meaningless insult” cock Malone, which is used to confuse the insulted.

Spread and Usage

How did Two Tone Malone spread?

Since 2017, the expression had appeared in Tweets, as well as Reddit discussions.

Various references on “Two Tone Malone” appear, related to posts about two colored objects or animals.

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