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What does Unbirth mean?

The term Unbirth is a slang for a sexual fetish fantasy, where someone is literally crawling back to the women’s vagina, so that they can be given birth all over again and again until they are satisfied.

Unbirth has only appeared as a Doujin Manga (or porn manga) and in porn comics because in real life it would be impossible to get back in the vagina, if you were a full-sized man/woman.

It may seem like the way to go fetish/kink for some, but we can’t be miniaturized by any method, so it is impossible to achieve this.

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What's the origin of Unbirth?

Unbirth is an internet born fetish, so not as old as you would think it is.

The exact origin us unknown, however the first known mention appeared as art around late 2000s maybe 2010s, but nobody knows the exact time.

Some people claim that is has come with the Japanese porn manga or Doujin Manga, while other claim that it has come from the “furry fandom” and their fanfictions.

Spread and Usage

How did Unbirth spread?

The term and fetish Unbirth are a well-known fetish around the internet.

The rise of the Furry Fandom made it become more popular and started spawning a lot of arts and comics.

You can find this type of art style in Doujin Manga, but it is not as popular or widespread as it is with the Furry Fandom type of content.

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