Vinegar strokes

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What does Vinegar strokes mean?

The vinegar strokes is the point of no return when someone is masturbating.

It is the point where you are so close to climax that nothing is going to stop you from finishing.

You don’t care if your grandma steps into your room while you’re at it, or even if a nuclear bomb drops next to your house.

This is more important than life and death.

The term can be used about both male and female masturbation, but is more commonly seen in relation to men.

check out his vinegar strokes face

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What's the origin of Vinegar strokes?

There are two different suggestions as of where the term originates from.

One, the most suggested one, is that when you are close to climaxing, the strokes of a man’s penis becomes faster and harder, just as if you were shaking a vinegar bottle to get more drops out of it.

Another suggestion is the reference to the face the man makes when close to climaxing, related to the face one makes when tasting or smelling something sour like vinegar.

The expression is an old Liverpool slang term.

Spread and Usage

How did Vinegar strokes spread?

The Online Slang Dictionary suggests that the term may have been coined by the TV program “The League”, however, the expression likely dates further back than it’s first mention in the show.

Drag queen Daniel Jacob, placed 8th in the first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, goes by the stage name “Vinegar Strokes”.

The term also made an appearance in GTA IV, in the form of an adult DVD that you can buy at various sex shops throughout the game.

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