Whispering Eye

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What does Whispering Eye mean?

Whispering eye is a supposed old English expression for vagina.

This, however is unconfirmed as the phrase doesn’t occur in a lot of contexts outside of the film Role Models, and there is no reference to it whatsoever before 2008.

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What's the origin of Whispering Eye?

“Whispering eye” first appears in the 2008 comedy Role Models, featuring Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott, having to spend time at a work program as adult role models for kids.

In one of the scenes, Danny, played by Rudd is having a phone call with his girlfriend, when Augie, his kid companion (played by Cristopher Mintz-Plasse) is telling him “whispering eye” repeatedly, to which Danny says

“I miss you. And your whispering eye.”

Following this, Augie is excitedly telling his role model, that the expression means vagina.

Spread and Usage

How did Whispering Eye spread?

After the film was aired in 2008, several Urban Dictionary entries were created, where users are eagerly explaining the true meaning of “whispering eye”.

According to Augie, the phrase is a poetic expression for the female genitalia, however it doesn’t appear in poems prior to the movie.

Following 2008, however several lustful poems were written, featuring the sexual metaphor.

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