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What does Whitney Wisconsin mean?

Whitney Wisconsin is a pretty disturbing online personality famous for having sexual intercourse with dogs.

She used to have a YouTube channel, where she preached about the benefits of having sex with canines over humans, as well as doing outrageous acts, such as masturbating publicly and having strangers smell her fingers afterwards.

[NSFL] Public Service Announcement: Please Do Not Sell Puppies to Whitney Wisconsin. She’s making new videos, and killed a two-week old by forcing it to eat hot dogs and trying to pry its eyes open.

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What's the origin of Whitney Wisconsin?

Originally called Amy Lew, Whitney Wisconsin might appear at first as the common YouTuber, who complains about her trivial struggles to everyone watching.

She appeared on the internet in the mid 2010’s, with a video blog, centered on her exploits of bestiality.

People quickly caught wind of her, resulting in the growth of her fame all over the web, though she could account for more haters than lovers, as barely anyone with a common sense could agree with her ideas.

Spread and Usage

How did Whitney Wisconsin spread?

She pushed things further by eating a cricket as a show of devotion toward her human love, the YouTuber, LeafyIsHere.

They were later brought together at a radio podcast, where she expressed her feelings towards the online personality and begged him to also confess his love for her.

He did, only after making her promise to stop harming animals.

After this, Whitney insulted Leafy and accused him of using her for acquiring more popularity.

She later got into legal trouble, because feeding hot dogs to a dog resulted in the animal’s death.

Her definition was added to Urban Dictionary in 2016.

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